High five for help at Halloween

So your son is no longer happy with a sheet cut over his head or wearing your black leggings on his head as a make-shift ninja effort.

He wants a skeleton halloween costume that looks the part. He wants to impress his friends and be the trick or treat hero with the coolest most terrifying costume.

And you don’ t have the time to run around sourcing all you need to create a skeleton halloween costume, skeleton pirate or a skeleton dinosaur…

And what exactly is a Skeleton Pirate or a Skeleton Dinosaur anyway?

The dress up struggle is real. We know all about it. But we’ ve got it sorted.

And not only do we know what a Skeleton pirate and skeleton dinosaur is…

we have their outfits with accessories. And a Wicked Clown, Vampire, Ninja, Clown Zombie, X-Ray Skeleton too!

We’ve handled it so you don’ t have to.

Simply measure your child, select their appropriate size in S/M or L and order.

All you have to do is worry that you have enough candy!

Comfortable Skeleton Halloween Costume designed for safety and staying power

Our costumes are created with 100% quality polyester that’ s soft to the touch and breathes well. The fabric isn’t scratchy and is safe to wear.If washed and treated with care, our costumes can remain in the dress up box and entertain your boy, his siblings and friends for years to come.

Wash gently by hand in cold water. Avoid machine washing. For stains, soak overnight.

Please do not use bleach and avoid using the tumble drier.

Customer service you can trust

We’ re committed to providing our customers will the best quality products.

If you experience any issue or have any questions/suggestions – please don’ t hesitate to email us directly- we’ re happy to help.



S, M, L


We don’t like to wear scratchy outfits, so why should we expect our children to? Unlike some other costumes, ours are made from light, soft breathable 100% polyester and are safe and comfy to wear.


Ideal for trick or treating, a festive Halloween bash, a costume for school, for World Book Day or simply for fun dress up sessions at home – whatever the occasion, we’ve got the outfit.


Available in small/medium and large, we offer a range of sizing options for most boys. Please be sure to consult the sizing chart and measure carefully before selection.


For best results, hand wash your boy’s costume in cold water and hang to dry. Machine washing is too harsh on the gentle fabric. Don’t use bleach, rather soak it to remove stains. Please don’t tumble dry.


For this costume. If you’ve got an X-ray Skeleton, Wicked or Zombie Clown, Vampire, Skeleton Dinosaur or Pirate, Ninja in your house looking to up his ghoulish game, look no further!


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