Featuring a generous blood red pout with slashed edges, a set of weirdly off-centre eyes, a scar emblazoned on the forehead and finished off with some flaming red hair, it’s the ultimate scary mask for the season. It’s as though all of the features have been cut and pasted onto a face. All the elements are there, but they’re off. You can’t quite put your finger on why it’s so freaky and this is what makes this Freak Face Mask so unsettling. It’s sure to terrify on the trick or treat trail or if you’re headed to a festival, concert or fancy dress party. It’s a crazy mask that looks the part, but also fits well and is comfy to wear. Powered with safe LED using 2 AA batteries slotted into a discreet battery pack, enjoy our Freak Face Mask this Halloween and beyond!


Add a frightening flash to your devilish dress-up with a glow-in-the-dark LED mask. From a scary clown, zombie and wolf to a skeleton, monkey, cow and more, we’ve got the fit – but can you face it?


Powered with just 2 *AA batteries (not incl.) you can select 4 functions to bring your mask to life. On creepy constant, spine chillingly slow-flashing, frighteningly fast-flashing or off in disturbing darkness.


Ideal for adding a terrifying twist to trick or treating or for a full-blown Halloween fest, your mask will be a hair-raising hit at a costume party or carnival. You can even add a neon blaze to a rave or disco.


Our unisex design will comfortably fit all face shapes. The PVC is flexible and conveniently waterproof. The mask has low power consumption so will work for ages and won’t waste batteries.


Our mask is not exothermic; the electroluminescent film is a cold light source so there is no temperature increase when it is on. There is also no light flicker causing eye tension or headaches, so it’s completely safe.


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